Answered Prayer

Well, I can’t begin to tell you how faithful God is.  As you recall, I had three prayer requests from my last post. 

1. That the fluid in Ella’s lungs dissipates as she moves and breathes more.  Check.

Her breathing progress has been incredible.  Ironically, due to a good cry from the nurses attempting to put a new IV in her foot and then in her head…she essentially cried her lungs out.  This caused air to get in to the deep parts of her lungs, and was a huge blessing in disguise.  (by the way, I’m glad Jillian only told me about this over the phone and I wasn’t present at the time)

2.  That Ella would start eating well and get her strength back.  Check.

Not only did she regain her appetite the next day, but is now surpassing what she would normally take in one feeding, pre-operation.  She is essentially chugging the milk.

3.  That Ella would smile soon, and her spirit filled with joy once again.  Check.

 I think this picture says it all…thank you Jesus and thank you to all who have been praying! 

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8 Responses to Answered Prayer

  1. Graham Thomson says:

    Great news! Our Heavenly Father is faithful.

  2. iLau says:

    Been following and praying from afar. Love the Jim Elliot quote. Extubate is your word from last post. Look’n fwd to fellowshipping with you again one day and meeting Ella. May the love of Christ dwell upon you richly. IL

  3. Julie Stow says:

    Its amazing!!! Big hugs and kisses.
    Love to all.

  4. Joshua Wong says:

    That is great news. Praise God! That is a beautiful smile Ella!

  5. Laura Perron says:

    Oh my goodness she is cute! I can’t wait to meet her and give this precious little girl some snuggles! Still praying for you guys!

  6. Jerry and Trudy Lemieux says:


  7. jennie colburn says:

    that little smile will be melting your heart for many years to come;) so glad to hear that all is going well – please pass along to jill that she is in our thoughts and prayers – thanks for keeping us posted!

  8. Jill says:

    Happy to hear Ella is making strides. Please send my love to Jill and Ella. xo

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