Ella’s Home!

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in this post.  Ella actually came home on Tuesday afternoon, only 1 week after her surgery.  The difference between her condition on Saturday  compared to her condition on Tuesday was absolutely incredible. The cardiologists were so impressed by the progression of her breathing and overall recovery, in just a few short days, they decided to send us home.  She is doing extremely well…smiling and eating, pooping and peeing….what more could we ask for?  Honestly, when she’s wearing her onesie, you forget that she has just gone through open heart surgery…just days previous. 

Here are a couple of recent pics, this first one I find ironic.  We were sent up to the 7th floor of the IWK, which is the cardiac floor….here is the major donor for the floor:

(in case you missed the irony, Colonel Sanders is the founder of KFC, ie heart attack sandwich)

Here’s the family, excited to leave the hospital…self IPhone photo..

And lastly, here she is, the one we’ve all been praying for…I have to tell you, and I know I’m biased, but she is one special little girl!  God is so good.

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4 Responses to Ella’s Home!

  1. MBC II says:

    Fantastic news, Stephen. The pictures truly tell a great story. Praise the Lord.
    Blessings, Glenn

  2. Jerry and Trudy Lemieux says:

    That is awesome! Thank You Lord for healing little Ella and for taking care of her family throughout this whole time of ‘testing’. You have stengthened our faith Lord and have drawn us closer to You. We give you all the glory and honor and we thank You for this miracle. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  3. Ken and Robyn Lane says:

    She sure is a little miracle baby and the look on your faces is priceless. Love her little smile, she’s going to be melting quite a few hearts over the years. God is so good and may he continue to bless you all in your new walk for him. Thank you too for sharing your heart felt thoughts with us all. Safe trip Stephen.

  4. Janna Fox says:

    so happy you are home with Ella! praise the LORD for His faithfulness in our times of fear. she looks SO healthy!! please keep us posted on your moving and travel dates…continuing to remember you guys! love love love.

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